A comparison of pay equality between women and men by amanda mustard

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A comparison of pay equality between women and men by amanda mustard

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd This was the beginning of industrial music, a genre rooted in taboo and transgression.

Lawsuits do make a difference. In the end, in the book the Radium Girls, you can see how the lives of the many young women who filed a lawsuit against the Radium companies did not die in vain.

A comparison of pay equality between women and men by amanda mustard

To recap, from the beginning of the book, we have young women working in Radium companies to paint dials with radium.

When it came to the point where some of the girls were starting to get sick and even die, the Radium companies would continue to assure them that the radium was not to blame and that it was safe. Once Margarite Carolough, a dial-painter, filed a lawsuit against them, life started to get tough for the Radium company.

Even after more girls die, a medical examiner named Dr.

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Martland discovers that the radium is dangerous, the girls know about radium being dangerous, and the company receiving many lawsuits, they still continue to deny that the radium is hazardous. It is absolutely, most definitely heartbreaking to know that these cruel human beings existed and did this to innocent, young women.

These companies have this much power but instead of using it for good, they use it to hurt people and create lies. We get to the part of the book where five girls, Grace, Katherine, Quinta, Albina, and Edna, are fighting for their lives in court. Due to the ongoing lawsuit, it was adjourned and would resume five months later.

Fortunately, they had a determined lawyer, Raymond H.

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Berry, who was going to win their case. Berry contacted the girls allies and asked them to testify. The only problem was that the Dr.

Martland refused to be caught up in a legal case and said no to appear in court.

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This was a major setback because Dr. Martland was one of the best pieces in the chess game they were playing against the Radium company, actually proving that the girls had radium poisoning.

One of the biggest obstacles that the girls were facing in this battle, was the Radium company using Dr. Frederick Flinn, a medical examiner.

A comparison of pay equality between women and men by amanda mustard

As Berry begun to dig deeper, he came across the Waterbury Clock Company cases of radium poisoning. With this, he discovered that Dr. This was the reason that none of the cases had been filed.

However, Berry dug even deeper and decided to look into Dr. What he found, shocked him and angered me.

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This helped the case in so many ways. Without this event, Dr. Without this event, the girls would continue to be in the Radium companies lip-pointing.

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They would have continued to believe that it was syphilis, a bacterial infection, jaw necrosis, and many other wrong diseases that had been making these girls sick.

Moreover, these girls deserved to fight back against the injustice the USRC had done to them. Although most of the girls dies, they died so that others could prevail and fight back. If you think about it, you see that these girls managed to do what the girls in the Waterbury Clock Company couldn't do: I feel that this event made a difference because it showed the world that women could do something instead of being behind the scenes with the men doing all the work.

Just like they had fought for the right to vote, this was another example of how women are important and have the right to justice and equality.

Without this, the world would probably continue to think that radium was safe. I feel that the world, as a whole, need more women like the brave dial-painting girls.Historians estimate that fewer than 1 million immigrants moved to the United States from Europe between and By comparison, in the first federal By the s women accounted for just over half of all legal immigration can provide an overall gain to the domestic economy due to an increase in pay for higher-skilled workers.

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Comparing earnings between men and women, the Center for American Progress created this infographic below to show how the pay gap added up over .

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