Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because

People communicate to satisfy needs in both their work lives and private lives True A major purpose in communication is to help people feel good about themselves and their friends, groups, and organizations. True While all actions that are ethical are legal, some actions that are legal may not be ethical False A limitation of language translation is that some words do not have an equivalent meaning in another language True Though people around the world speak different languages, nonverbal communication, such as gestures and facial expressions, generally has the same meanings to all cultures.

Active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because

Chapter 6 Improving Readability with Style and Design Clear goal of messages in the workplace update your team members, promote a service to a client, give an assignment, etc Goal of completeness means your message provides all the information necessary to meet that purpose 3 strategies to achieve completeness: Not implying removing relevant information Use short paragraphs because readers form impressions about ease of reading by looking at paragraph length Aim for average sentence length of 15 words or fewer For more analytical and complex business messages, you may have an average sentence length of 20 or fewer words.

Avoid redundancies words or phrases that repeat the same meaning Ex: Common in conversations, but not needed for written messages. Emphasizes the business orientation of action, and specifies the doer.

active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because

Active voice is the preferred writing style for most business writing Passive voice is sometimes better when attempting to avoid blaming others or sounding bossy emphasize neutrality Examples of Active and Passive voice: Sunrise provides free training for up to three people for each new store.

Free training is provided for up to three people for each new store. Parallel language you apply a consistent grammatical pattern across a sentence or paragraph Parallelism is most important when you use series or lists Buzzwords workplace terms that become trite because of overuse, can stir negative feelings among some readers Figures of Speech such as idioms and metaphors, which contain nonliteral meanings, are generally out of place or inappropriate in business writing.

Since they are nonliteral, they lack the precise meanings needed in business.Active vs. Passive Voice on the GMAT By Mike MᶜGarry on July 31, in AWA, Grammar, Sentence Correction, Verbal No one is going to achieve wild success in the business world simply by sitting around and letting events unfold.

You can look into the Purdue Owl for a whole explanation, but here's the short answer. Active voice doesn't suggest a theme or emotion to the reader, it forces it.

Active voice is brief, cogent, and assertive. It shows the reader a moving picture whereas a passive voice is weak and up to interpretation. Prose should always be active, powerful.

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Active voice - when action is directed from a subject to an object. Use active voice in most business writing. Passive voice - when action is directed toward the subject. Active And Passive Voice, Active Voice, Too Cool For School, Writing Tips, Sentences, The Voice, Frases, Daily Writing Prompts, Writing Prompts Find this Pin and more on Writing Tips by .

Business writers normally use active voice more frequently than passive voice because active voice conveys ideas more vividly. true To emphasize a word or an idea, position it first or last in a sentence, clause, paragraph, or document. The surveys offered six categories of business writing with ten sets of two sentences each, written in voice.

active-voice sentences are preferred for most business writing because

Participants selected one sentence from each set and gave a reason for each selection. The participants preferred active over passive 47 to 46 percent of opportunities, but they preferred mixed voice have researched the function.

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