Body scanning for a new shopping

Size Stream 3-D body scanners like this one will be used in stores to help you find clothing that's a perfect fit. Clothes come in predetermined shapes and sizes. Unless your clothes are custom-made, you need to know not only your dress size or pants length but also who makes clothing in your nominal size that actually matches your body shape—and you might need alterations even then.

Body scanning for a new shopping

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Email Imagine being blinded by pure white light that lingers over your body for 12 long seconds. Data taken from the scans will be stored on password-protected sites on the Web and can be used by consumers to help make purchases at affiliated companies. Making It Fit The technology also has broader implications, Morton added: On Monday, the foot promotional trailer was parked at the World Trade Center, inviting people off the street to strip off their clothes, put on tight-fitting athletic wear and get scanned.

They never fit, and I always had to return them.

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Now, I may just return. Levi Strauss has operated a body-scanning kiosk to customize jeans in its San Francisco store, and Nike offered foot scanning in its Niketown store in New York, scrapping it after one year.

The concept, however, never took off because of the limited technology available, according to Morton. Morton said his firm perfected technology a couple of months ago that enables the information about the consumer to be stored in a secure database on the Internet.

Brooks Brothers will also be mass customizing suits and shirts — at no extra charge — based on the computer-generated patterns.

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The move to commercialize body scanning should be a big plus for online commerce, said Evie Black Dykema, a senior analyst at Cambridge-based consultants Forrester Research. According to a recent Forrester survey, she added, 38 percent of consumers polled noted it was the biggest deterrence to shopping online for apparel.Nothing in the wardrobe is suitable, so you head to your local shopping plaza and scurry into a 3-D scanning booth.

Body scanning for a new shopping

Moments later, the screen displays your body’s clothing measurements — known. Our new 45, square foot state-of-art facility will be located at W.

Esplanade Dr. next to Food4Less, conveniently located across from the Esplanade Shopping Center. The Oxnard gym will include boutique-style studio fitness classes, body scanning . Body scanning systems for clothing and fashion industry provided by Apparel Search.

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New high-tech body scanning technology creates 3D computer models to help dieters track their progress. While consumers will have to wait to use Amazon's body scanning feature, all the signs indicate that the retail giant is going to continue researching and investing in new technologies aiming to improve digital shopping.

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