How to write a poem about my room

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How to write a poem about my room

This activity begins an active introspective process while continuing to provide opportunities for individuals to make connections with each other. Participants write short poems, starting each line with "I am," encouraging them to describe in their own words who they are and what's salient to their identities.

In any attempt to increase awareness and encourage self-development, it is crucial to engage participants in activities that call for introspection and self-reflection. It is also important to provide opportunities for participants to make connections across, and even within, identity borders.

The "Who I Am" activity can provide a non-threatening starting point for encouraging self-reflective thought and introspection. It is a safe way for participants to think about and share the influences that have shaped their identities. Also, it continues the connection-making process as participants find unexpected similarities and differences between themselves and others in the group.

This activity also can be an excellent closing activity, allowing folks to re-connect at a self-defined and human level at the end of an experience in which they are discussing difficult issues.

Ask participants to take ten to fifteen minutes to write a poem called "Who I Am.

how to write a poem about my room

Be sure to let them know that they will be sharing their poems. In order to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to share her or his story, you might consider breaking the group into diverse small groups of if necessary.

Give participants the option either to read their poems or to share parts of their poems from memory. Because some individuals will include very personal information, some may be hesitant to read their poems, even in small groups.

how to write a poem about my room

It is sometimes effective in such situations for facilitators to share their poems first. Consider sharing your poem before asking students to write their own pieces. If you make yourself vulnerable, others will be more comfortable doing the same. Be sure to allow time for everyone to be able to speak, whether reading their poems or sharing them from memory.

If you're using this as a final activity, not much processing is necessary. Encourage applause and thank folks for sharing their poetry.

If you use this activity in the middle of a class or workshop, have some process questions ready. When everyone has shared, ask participants how it felt to share their poems. Ask what, if any, connections people made with each other from this activity.

What were some commonalities across poems? Did any of these surprise you? You might also consider asking people to get up and talk to someone with whom she or he felt a connection through the poetry.

I am basketball on a snowy driveway. I am fishsticks, crinkle-cut frozen french fries and frozen mixed vegatables.

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I am primarily white, upper-middle class neighborhoods and raciall diverse schools. I am Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, Atari and sports video games. I am football on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

I am "unity in diversity" and "speaking from your own experience. I am diversity, multicultural education, identity, introspection, self-reflection, and social action. I am Daffy Duck, Mr. I am Tae Kwon Do, basketball, the batting cages, a soccer family, and the gym. I am a wonderful family, close and loving and incredibly supportive.

I am a passion for educating and facilitating, personal development and making connections.Carpenter, carpenter, build us a house, A sweet little house for a mouse and a spouse, A mouse and a spouse and a family too, We know that you can, and we hope that you do.

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All famous quotes. Okay, so there are probably about a million ways how to write a poem, but the five methods below help me when I’ve been stuck in a rut. If you have other ways to get those poems started, then feel encouraged to share in the comments below.

One way is to simply write about anything at all for a set period of time, and then try cutting it down to a poem.. however, this doesn’t work as well for me as, say, starting to write about my anxiety, fellow occupants, dingy carpet, muzak, etc, when waiting in the emergency room.

The poem is something that came to me about 6 months after my sister's sudden death. I found her dead on her bedroom floor when I went in to change her bandages from a recent surgery.

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