Inventive medical writing companies

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Inventive medical writing companies

Early life[ edit ] Whittle's birthplace in EarlsdonCoventry, England.

inventive medical writing companies

He quickly developed practical engineering skills while helping in his father's workshop, and being an enthusiastic reader spent much of his spare time in the Leamington reference library, reading about astronomy, engineering, turbines, and the theory of flight.

He lasted only two days: This time he passed the physical and, in September that year, Boy Whittle, F started his three-year training as an aircraft mechanic in No.


Whittle hated the strict discipline imposed on apprentices and, convinced there was no hope of ever becoming a pilot he at one time seriously considered deserting. The quality of these attracted the eye of the Apprentice Wing commanding officer, who noted that Whittle was also a mathematical genius.

Being an ex-apprentice amongst a majority of ex-public schoolboys, life as an officer cadet was not easy for him, but he nevertheless excelled in the courses and went solo in after only In Future Developments in Aircraft Design he showed that incremental improvements in existing propeller engines were unlikely to make such flight routine.

Instead he described what is today referred to as a motorjet ; a motor using a conventional piston engine to provide compressed air to a combustion chamber whose exhaust was used directly for thrust — essentially an afterburner attached to a propeller engine.

The idea was not new and had been talked about for some time in the industry, but Whittle's aim was to demonstrate that at increased altitudes the lower outside air pressure would increase the design's efficiency. For long-range flight, using an Atlantic-crossing mailplane as his example, the engine would spend most of its time at high altitude and thus could outperform a conventional powerplant.

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Pondering the problem he thought: The remaining exhaust thrust would power the aircraft. His continuing reputation for low flying and aerobatics provoked a public complaint that almost led to his being court-martialled.

He became a popular and gifted instructor, and was selected as one of the entrants in a competition to select a team to perform the "crazy flying" routine in the Royal Air Force Air Display at RAF Hendon.

inventive medical writing companies

He destroyed two aircraft in accidents during rehearsals but remained unscathed on both occasions. After the second incident an enraged Flight Lieutenant Harold W.

Raeburn said furiously, "Why don't you take all my bloody aeroplanes, make a heap of them in the middle of the aerodrome and set fire to them — it's quicker! Johnson, in turn, took the concept to the commanding officer of the base.

This set in motion a chain of events that almost led to the engines being produced much sooner than actually occurred. Griffith had published a paper on compressors and turbines, which he had been studying at the Royal Aircraft Establishment RAE.

He showed that such designs up to this point had been flying "stalled", and that by giving the compressor blades an aerofoil-shaped cross-section their efficiency could be dramatically improved. The paper went on to describe how the increased efficiency of these sorts of compressors and turbines would allow a jet engine to be produced, although he felt the idea was impractical, and instead suggested using the power as a turboprop.

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At the time most superchargers used a centrifugal compressorso there was limited interest in the paper. Encouraged by his commanding officer, in late Whittle sent his concept to the Air Ministry to see if it would be of any interest to them.

With little knowledge of the topic they turned to the only other person who had written on the subject and passed the paper on to Griffith.Many of our medical writing associates and members of our leadership team are active speakers and participants in forums within the medical writing community, including national and chapter conferences of the Drug Information Association, Drug Information Association Medical Affairs and Scientific Communication, American Medical Affairs .

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