Is ethical behaviour in business just

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Business ethics is a highly controversial area subject area, with many arguments over exactly what constitutes ethical behaviour.

Is ethical behaviour in business just

April 4, by Travis Bennett In their simplest form, ethics are the moral standards you rely on when you make a decision. For responsible decision making in a business environment, a good set of ethics is key. Building on this when you maintain a high set of ethics as you conduct your business it provides benefits to everyone.

Ethics are not only a guide to making decisions, but also the criteria the public judge you on. In business, this is critical, because how people see you and your company is the basis of building trust.

Personally, your ethics form as you are influenced by the people and the environment around you.

Employee Ethics

There are ethical views that apply to people all around the world, while others are more personal, and apply only to you. In a business, ethics has very positive benefits, and you can learn more about them in this course. The reasons for having high ethical standards include: Regardless of whether you believe good business ethics contribute to profits or not, poor ethics will have a major impact on your bottom line.

Without standards you have misinformed, misguided and bad decisions being made, which can cause financial loss or injury to other people, or the business.

Is ethical behaviour in business just

Many legal cases are raised because of people seeking compensation for their losses as a result of business people making unethical decisions.

You need to get every member of your organization committed to a set of high ethical standards. As a manager or the business owner, you need to clearly define and communicate to your employees the consequences of being unethical, and the set of standards you want them to adhere to.

You can study what it takes to create an ethical organization in this course. Huge organizations like Enron have been destroyed by unethical decisions, and others seriously damaged like Fannie Mae. Without a set of ethical standards combining ambition and the intelligence of senior executives is a recipe for disaster.

Competitiveness, innovation and ambition are critical for a business to succeed, but they need to be kept in check with a strong moral compass, and business done in the right way.

Here are 12 principles that form the basis of business ethics, and are what you need to hold yourself accountable to: Honesty You need to be honest in all of your actions, and every communication you make. People appreciate the fact they can take you at your word, as customers only ever do business with those they trust.

Being an ethical executive means you do not deceive others by misrepresenting the facts, overstating and exaggerating or only giving partial truths.Feb 23,  · What are some things that are ethical, but illegal?

Update Cancel. It’s the enforcement mechanism for maintaining ethical behaviour — according to the ethics of the larger society. it is not legal to assist a person to kill themselves, but some medical professionals consider it their ethical duty to do just this.

A person who does. In this task I will be explaining how my business (Ben and Jerry’s) could change or alter some of its practices and showing how these changes would contribute to improved ethical behaviour.

The ethical issues I will be working on are CSR and trading fairly. Corporate social responsibility: Businesses do not exist in isolation nor is it simply just .


Is Ethical Behaviour in Business Just a Contradiction in Terms? Essay Sample Business ethics is the study of business situations, activities and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed (Crane & Matten ). Leadership. Leadership is the primary way companies foster proper ethical behavior.

Leaders and executive managers have a responsibility to set the tone for ethical behavior by conducting business in an ethical and moral manner.

Business Ethics Benefits. The importance of business ethics reaches far beyond employee loyalty and morale or the strength of a management team bond. As with all business initiatives, the ethical operation of a company is directly related to profitability in both the short and long term.

The reputation of a business in the surrounding . Business ethics generally are built upon four basic foundations: attitude, value, behavior, and normal customs and expectations.

Is ethical behaviour in business just

The study of business ethics may stray into fields of law, but more often than not deals with the behavior, expectations, and demands of .

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