Lambs essays

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Lambs essays

Charles Lamb Also wrote under the pseudonym Elia Lambs essays essayist, critic, poet, dramatist, and novelist. The following entry presents criticism on Lamb from through These nostalgic works have appealed to readers throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly because of their gradual revelation of Lamb's literary alter ego and his humorous idiosyncrasies.

Lamb's other writings include criticism of William Shakespeare's dramas and the virtual rediscovery of a number of neglected Elizabethan and Jacobean playwrights in the early nineteenth century. A dramatist and a skilled poet, Lamb was also a noted children's author, frequently in collaboration with his sister, Mary.

Lamb's essays are thought to demonstrate a characteristically Romantic Lambs essays akin to that of the poets Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, Lamb's contemporaries and friends.

Overall, Lamb is highly regarded as an essayist, an original and perceptive critic, and a noteworthy correspondent with the renowned literati of early nineteenth-century England.

Biographical Information Lamb was born in London, the youngest of seven children, of whom only three survived into adulthood. His father was a law clerk who worked in the Inner Temple, one of the courts of London, and wrote poetry in his spare time.

In Lamb was accepted as a student at Christ's Hospital, a school in London for the children of poor families. He excelled in his studies, especially in English literature, but the seven years away from home proved lonely. Later Lamb wrote that his solitude was relieved by his friendship with a fellow student, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who also encouraged Lamb's early poetic compositions.

Since his family's poverty prevented him from furthering his education, Lamb took a job immediately upon graduation. Working first as a clerk, he became an accountant at the East India Company, a prestigious trade firm.

At Coleridge's insistence, Lamb's first sonnets were included in the collection Poems on Various Subjects, published by Coleridge in His father and his elder brother wanted to commit Mary permanently to an asylum, but Lamb succeeded in obtaining her release and devoted himself to her care.

From then on, Mary enjoyed long periods of sanity and productivity as a writer, but these were inevitably disrupted by breakdowns. In the first two decades of the nineteenth century, Lamb produced two dramas, including the poorly received farce Mr.

H———; or, Beware a Bad Nameand a number of works intended for children and written with his sister. Meanwhile he began contributing literary articles to an assortment of newspapers and periodicals.

His volume Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, Who Lived about the Time of Shakespeare, helped bring about a renewed interest in Jacobean drama upon its publication in In the editor of the London Magazine invited Lamb to contribute regularly to his periodical.

With the success of these essays Lamb became one of the most admired literary men in London.

Lambs essays

Lamb retired from the East India Company inleft London, and devoted more time to writing. Though distant from his literary acquaintances in the English metropolis, Lamb was still at the peak of his popularity as an essayist when he died suddenly in The Silence of the Lambs Homework Help Questions.

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Lambs essays

Charles Lamb one of the greatest essayists of the eighteenth century and the collection of Lamb essays are unique and reflect his smooth conversational tone.

The studies in these will provide you an insight into Lambs’ personal life and inspiration to research more on Lamb essays.

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