Launch kwrite as root user

Change root User Shell Save the file and close it. This method is only effective with programs that require a shell for user login, otherwise, sudo, ftp and email clients can access the root account. The above file allows you to specify which TTY devices the root user is allowed to login on, emptying this file prevents root login on any devices attached to the computer system.

Launch kwrite as root user

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. None edit Description Linuxguy Kwrite won't start from a konsole as root. Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Used to work OK?

I frequently use kwrite from the command line for editing files when I am working in konsole. I've been doing this for years.

I can nano xorg. I can also browse to the file with Dolphin and open with kwrite and that works too. I think that kwrite xorg. Here is what I get when I do it as a regular user: It isn't just kwrite that won't start. Thanks Comment 2 Kevin Kofler Comment 3 Kevin Kofler I have been running editors and browsers as su from the command line in a non su session since RH8.

I have never had a problem until now. How is a general user supposed to know this?

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Something like this should at least be in the release notes. I am going to open this bug so my comment is at least heard. Comment 5 Kevin Kofler Yet the present issue is "not a bug" because we aren't supposed to be using Fedora this way.

They will file the same bug over and over again. In the end it will be less annoying for the Fedora maintainers just to "fix" the bug. I recommend the upgrade to anyone still using older Fedora versions with KDE 3. Comment 7 Kevin Kofler But IMHO Bugzilla's defaults are broken and it should always return closed bugs too, but you have to file a bug against the Bugzilla if you want that changed.

Comment 8 Rex Dieter Comment 9 Linuxguy Neither of the following work: Which we all agree is not a great thing to do, for a number of reasons.

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I'm opening a new bug on this. Comment 10 Kevin Kofler It's kdesu which makes the app run as root. If that also doesn't work, I can only assume you corrupted something in your configuration by attempting to use su. Comment 11 Kevin Kofler Comment 12 Linuxguy I used it for years. I run as su when I am doing maintenance.

I cd to where the files are that I am working with and I work there. Often the directories are owned by root and you can't even get into them as a regular user. That is a pain! Is there a way for developers to make kwrite or kdesu kwrite work?

Comment 13 Kevin Kofler It's not expected to.May 13,  · Everything has gone great except that when I am asked for my sudo password in the terminal, it will not except my root password.

launch kwrite as root user

Shouldn't my sudo password be the same as my root password? I am able to use the su command, and my root password lets me do all the other administrative stuff that I need. Follow the steps to run Google Chrome as root user in openSUSE.

Open Terminal. Edit the /usr/bin/google-chrome and add the “ –user-data-dir ” at the end of the last line (Line No: 42).

launch kwrite as root user

I would like to run few commands such as stop or start web server as a root user. How do I allow a normal user to run these commands as root? You need to use the sudo command which is use to execute a command as another user.

It allows a permitted user to execute a . Hi, I can't log into my normal user account anymore, though I can log in with root without any problem.

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When I enter my normal user name and password, the screen blinks, a black page appears and after a couple of seconds I get the login screen again.

Hi, I have installed SoapUI with the sh script on Fedora 20 64bits as root in the directory /opt. When I launch SoapUI with the user root.

Bug - invoking "dolphin" as root results in no file icons to be displayed. Summary: invoking "dolphin" as root results in no file icons to be displayed Status: NEW Created attachment example of file icons as normal user. Comment 2 ben mcmonagle CET Created attachment example of same files.

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