Njit honors college essay

We recommend asking a teacher who can comment on your character and reveal things about you that test scores and grades cannot. Admission with Advanced Standing There are several pathways to beginning your studies at NJIT with "advanced standing", meaning that you will matriculate with earned college credits: Students may earn credit for certain NJIT courses if they have acquired sufficient knowledge through nontraditional means like independent study or job related experiences.

Njit honors college essay

Academic and extracurricular experiences are two of the significant aspects of my life that motivate me towards going after challenges. My academic foundation range from college courses in engineering, to AP classes, to honors classes.

In addition, I have participated in extracurricular activities such as robotics and A. Mentor architectural, construction and engineering mentor programwhich became a supplement to my interest in engineering and honors related programs.

I believe that education is much like a journey and it is very similar to the journey that Odysseus took in the book "The Odyssey".

njit honors college essay

One has to swim in the sea of obstacles in order to learn something new. During high school, I have taken engineering courses such as introduction to engineering design and principles of engineering which enabled me to gain some insight on the concepts taught in an engineering curriculum at college.

I have taken a college course in engineering drawing which taught me how to do architectural and engineering drafting on the computer. These classes broadened my knowledge and were essentially the motivation of my choice in an engineering career. Additionally, these classes increased desire to participate in challenging programs and be a part of active things.

I became familiar the challenge that college work involves. After taking one AP and Honors class, I decided to take another, because I had an aspiration to be in a challenge environment. It was an aspiration that made me seek out rigorous things so that I will learn new ideas.

After participating in one challenging program, I wanted to relive those moments of constant activity. Now I am accustomed to dealing with difficult tasks and not getting frustrated. I have taken various journeys understanding ideas applied to the world in each class that I have taken, and those experiences made me want to relive those times of intriguing challenges.

I have participated in extracurricular activities such the A. Mentor program and robotics. Both programs involved several moments of challenges which help me exercise my ability to persevere and face obstacles to the fullest extent.

While being in the A. Mentor program, I was a part of developing many conceptual building designs. There were times when there was a huge work load, all each of those moment were times that I were really involved in understanding things.

All the concepts that I learned these programs stimulated my yearn for activates that are constantly active. It allowed me to realize that easy methods in life will not give you the full experience of life. Like in "The Odyssey", it is better to go through a difficult task yourself rather than have someone take you through it every step.

My time with robotics and A. These programs strengthened my abilities to transcend from collaboration to times that you just need to tackle a task alone. I have the ability to work with others and work alone when needed and it was all due to participation in something other than what is required by a written curriculum.

It is better to go beyond the minimum requirements because it creates more preparation for unsuspected obstacles. All my experience in academics and even outside created a foundation for my desires to not take the easy path.

Rather, I want to go for the challenging road. I have become accustomed to the road of difficulty and it fueled my desires to participate in rigorous programs.Buy Essay Website. Students will never escape essays. It is one of the most important and abundant things a student does in his or her life.

This is where professors see how their students think, analyze, and reflect whatever is on their heads. It is composed of words chosen by the student, and it reveals a lot more about the intellect of a.

The honors college essay We will provide them with a copy of your transcript, recommendations, and SAT scores. NJIT On-Site Admissions Day Sign Up Form - deadline to submit is Sunday 11/6. Dorman Honors Colloquia are multi-discipline (as are the students in the Honors College).

The intent to offer the Honors Students an opportunity for a well rounded set of experiences, that extends beyond the major or coursework.

The mission of the Albert Dorman Honors College is to offer excellent students a superior academic program, hands-on research activities, and projects in order to prepare them to be leaders in their fields.

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NJIT HONORS ESSAY Several factors give me a solid foundation for participating in the NJIT Honors College. The demanding honors course I had this year (HONORS WORLD LIT I) will be my most important asset when dealing with the intellectual challenge of the Honors College.

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