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Nz herald business reporters

Both tabloids carry stories about inappropriate relationships between teachers and their pupils. Because they appeal to the most prurient fantasies of readers.

Because the real people in these stories have actually done the very thing that so many men and seemingly women have only thought about — had sex with a schoolgirl or schoolboy. Then you are out of touch with reality. What makes these relationships dangerously inappropriate is the imbalance in age, experience and power between student and teacher.

But it is futile to deny that strong emotional and sexual attractions can occur between pupil and mentor, particularly when the age gap between them is relatively small. The Sunday Herald story makes it to the front page. So here are the headlines without the photographs or names: They make a lovely couple.

She looks slightly older than him, an effect emphasised by the braces on his teeth. They look extremely happy. The story inside reveals that, four years since the Sunday Herald proudly exposed their relationship, they are still together. They have a four-year-old child and are engaged to be married.

She is teaching at a North Island High School; he is a part-time music tutor who also hopes to be a teacher.

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This looks like a pretty successful relationship and a pretty satisfactory outcome: Got to put a stop to that. Got to destroy these careers. Got to wreck this little family. That is one of the twin purposes of this story. The second is to titillate and at the same time allow the readers of this crap publication to express their righteous indignation.

There are levels of hypocrisy in this sort of journalism that defy description. If I were Rachel Grunwell who wrote this story, I would be hiding my head in shame. Have you no conscience, woman, no self-respect? And were you with the cameraman who photographed the teacher getting out of her car in the street?

She looks upset in the photograph. In this story, the teacher has been found guilty of hitting his year old son on the head with an open hand and shoving his eight-year-old daughter off the bed so that she hit her head on the floor.

But is what follows either relevant or in the public interest?

nz herald business reporters

Is this what you went to journalism school for, Susan? To write stuff like this?The News-Herald. Your local source for breaking news, sports, business, classifieds, and entertainment in Northern Ohio.

By NZ Northern Advocate. There could be a small break in the ring fence meant to keep genetically modified organisms out of Northland’s environment and primary sector.

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By NZ Northern Advocate. There could be a small break in the ring fence meant to keep genetically modified organisms out of Northland’s environment and primary sector.

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