Smoking hookah essay

Many of them, in order to mask their addiction to nicotine, or in an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes, switch to other forms of nicotine consumption—in particular, shisha smoking. They claim shisha to be less harmful for health, and more acceptable from the social point of view, because shisha smoke often has a fruit flavor, unlike cigarettes.

Smoking hookah essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Hookah vs Cigarettes Essay Sample There are numerous Arab families that have hookahs in their homes; they constantly use them as an amusement or a pastime in front of the television or as a way to relax.

Nowadays, there are many legal products that anybody can buy that are very harmful and addictive for the human body. It is important for people to have a better knowledge of these substances in order to decrease the use of these substances. This is a relevant subject because a lot of people get sick and die from tobacco use.

There are many debates going today about the dangers of hookah smoking and cigarettes. Thus, the question asked is: Cigarette smoking is more common around the world compared to hookah smoking.

Most people know that smoking cigarettes is harmful.

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A product that is very similar to cigarettes is hookah. Because hookah is not as popular as cigarettes, most people are not aware of the harm of hookah smoking. Both cigarettes and hookah smokers inhale tobacco smoke; the difference is the way it is inhaled.

It is important to know more about this subject because people still smoke after being made aware of the consequences. Hookah is usually used collectively with a group of friends.

Smoking hookah essay

It is often smoked in a unique way; smokers sit down or lean back on their chairs, couches, or even floors to make themselves comfortable.

There is a special type of tobacco used in hookahs made of molasses, fruit, and other flavor extracts. The smokers have a large variety of flavors that they can choose from so that the smoke inhaled has a sweet taste of the flavor of their personal choice.

A hookah smoking session can last for hours, in other words, hookah smokers inhale a lot more smoke than cigarette smokers. This goes back to the proposed question; is hookah smoking more dangerous than cigarettes and do they have the exact same ingredients in them?

The difference between hookah addicts and cigarette addicts is because cigarettes are easy to carry around, a cigarette smoker will carry around a packet of cigarettes everywhere and whenever he feels like smoking, he can just light up a cigarette.

People smoke it constantly during the day. Hookahs are not easily transportable, this means that the smokers are in less contact with their hookahs. The only time hookah users can smoke it is at home or in a hookah bar; hookah users have to wait until they go home to smoke it.

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The addiction comes from the nicotine, it makes the smokers want more everyday. There is an average of 35 million smokers who try to quit every year and the sad part is that 85 percent of them last less than a week without nicotine in their bodies. If the smokers are used to smoking hookah at home with their friends everyday, they will feel as if they are missing something the day they do not smoke it.

Smoking hookah essay

Addicted tobacco smokers have nicotine act out in their brains in a bad way. When a tobacco user tries to stop, the need of nicotine leads to many symptoms including bad temper, hunger, sadness, nervousness, and sleeping problems. These symptoms start only hours after the last cigarette smoked.

This causes the smokers to instantly have the desire to smoke USA. These symptoms also exist for the hookah smokers when they are in need. The difference is that the hookah smokers last more before they need to smoke hookah.

Both hookahs and cigarettes are addictive. Hookah, also known as hubble-bubble has many other nicknames: Waterpipe smoking is an old technique that derives from Asia.

Hookah is becoming more and more popular in Europe and North America. There are many worries about its health effects and there are also concerns about its probable causes of addiction. Estimations say that every day, there are about million people smoking hookahs. Ten years ago, young people rarely smoked hookah, this changed radically in the past few years.

Hookah smoking is frequently seen to be safer and less addictive than smoking cigarettes because people assume that the smoke inhaled is filtered when it passes through the water.Hookah.

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or hookah as called in other states. smoke is frequently considered to be a merriment and lighter version of smoking compared to cigarette smoke. A system that uses wood or coal to fire flavored baccy is used in the U.

S. A woman smokes a shisha (water pipe) in a cafe in Dubai. Shisha smoking also known as hookah smoking, started in the far east and has since spread throughout the world.

The consequences of smoking shisha can be very dangerous and hazardous to the health of the user. A shisha is a water pipe filled.

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This patient denies smoking and drug use but adds “I do enjoy smoking hookah now and then.” As previously mentioned this is a healthy appearing male patient who is well developed and whose skin, lips, and nails are appropriate color.

Hookah vs Cigarettes Essay Sample There are legion Arab households that have hookahs in their places ; they invariably use them as an amusement or a interest in forepart of the telecasting or as a manner to loosen up.

Transition: now that you got the main parts together, the second step necessary to set up a hookah is place the hose into the stem of the hookah. B. Place the hose into the stem of the hookah 1)Blow in the hose making sure no dust or anything inside. 2)Get a little hose rubber and place that into the stem.

Mar 13,  · Smoking hookah is legal and many people, especially those in high school and college, love to indulge in it. Even though my parents never spoke to me about hookah, I have never smoked it.

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