The business impact of hr legislation

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The business impact of hr legislation

Day to day advice With a diverse workforce, the application of legislation and regulation can prove difficult.

We can provide day to day advice on the different circumstances that arise in your business. We can do this on a one-off basis or through our retained advice service. We also offer a fixed price initial consultation service so that you can control cost. We can speak to you in person or remotely, by phone, skype or video conference to save you time and travel.

Performance Management, Disciplinary and Dismissals You will want to get the best from your staff to make your business the most successful. Sometimes staff do not always work at their optimum.

We can assist you to deal formally with under-performance, from giving you processes to help them improve, dealing with disciplinary processes, to negotiating terminations and dealing with employment tribunal claims.

Having good standard processes in place from the outset as part of your HR documentation will be invaluable in helping this difficult process work for you and to protect you from unwanted and expensive claims.

Following dismissal there are issues of restrictive practice clauses to manage. This can be done as part of our retained advice service or you can use our fixed fee initial consultation service We can: Provide advice on performance improvement plans Ensure that you have appropriate procedures in place to deal with disciplinary issues Negotiate terminations Prepare and advise on settlement agreements Advise on disciplinary actions that are needed Deal with claims made for unfair and wrongful dismissal Advise on protecting your business when staff leave, for whatever reason Redundancies In a changing economic environment it is sometimes necessary to downsize the workforce or to change terms of employment.

Employment legislation facilitates the way in which this can be done. Getting the process right is critical, if this is not done properly, employers can end up with claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination, which are a great deal more expensive.

This involves consulting with appropriate staff, selecting the correct set of employees who might be vulnerable to redundancy, setting the correct criteria for selecting the redundant employees and ensuring a fair and open process for communicating and applying the redundancy criteria We can: The starting point is that when that happens the contracts of employment with all their current terms transfer automatically to the new owner.

Everyone involved in the transaction needs to be aware of that and understand the implications. The effects of that can be mitigated with careful planning.

The business impact of hr legislation

Whatever happens, buyers need to be aware of the employment terms of the staff that they are taking on and how they impact on existing arrangements We can: The business will also have a reputation that it will want to preserve, and that can be lost through what staff say about you.

Employers have a legitimate and enforceable interest that needs to be protected. Through careful drafting of contracts and clearly written policies those interests can be protected. While businesses have a right to protect themselves, employees themselves have rights not to be prevented by employers from following and developing their careers.

This is an area of law where courts have intervened to decide what is acceptable and what is not, so considerable care is needed in drafting these sort of documents. Draft contracts and staff policies to reflect your business requirements Provide social media policies to protect business reputation Advise you how to implement and enforce these with individual staff Deal with staff leaving and enforcement of contracts including court action where needed Discrimination Good employment practice is that employers aim to get the best staff to do the job, irrespective of who they are, what they are like, where they come from and what they believe.

That is the background to the extensive, and sometimes complex, anti-discrimination legislation. Employers are required to take these into account from recruitment to termination of employment and throughout all staff relations. Employers are also responsible for the failings of their staff in their relationships between each other.

That can be prevented by having and communicating processes that explain what is expected of staff and then making sure that staff comply with those processes. Compensation for discrimination can be very expensive and very damaging to reputation, so it is important that this is done correctly.

Legal Representation when facing potentially expensive claims is advisable. Claims also take up management time that might be better spent in the business.

Represent you throughout any tribunal or court proceedings If you elect to defend yourself, for agreed prices we can advise on specific stages We can offer a number of different options:The Committee on Energy and Commerce is the oldest standing legislative committee in the U.S.

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